Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Improv Workshop on Position Play

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop taught by Brian James O’Connell at Finest City Improv.
The class was funny, fast paced and interactive. I left feeling a little more knowledgeable in comedy improv and a little more eager to take my next improv class.  I jotted down some notes that I’m going to list here:
  • Never too late to drop the baby or pick up a French accent
  • Specificity is good
  • You have 3 lines or 30 seconds
  • Yes, and… (it’s punctuated)
  • Slow Down
  • Start with a declarative statement
  • When in doubt, shut up
  • Laughs are to be earned, not chased
  • Mortality, Sexuality, Political Structure, Social Structure, and Religion
  • Straight-Absurd
  • Alternate Reality
  • Character Based
  • Reality
  • Triangle 1: Robot Pirate Ninja
  • Triangle 2: Fast Cheap Good
  • Triangle 3: Smart Funny Interesting

Ok, not sure if I got those all exactly right and there was lots more, but I just wanted to put it here as a reminder to myself and a taste for others who may be thinking of studying with Brian.