Monday, April 28, 2014

One Day in San Diego

This past weekend I had the luck to be part of the One Day in San Diego project as a production assistant! It was so great! We started the day at Balestra Entertainment Headquarters with some WD-40 and clipboards.  Six or seven locations later (I lost track) we finished the day eating pizza in the car, joking around and watching the sky turn dark while the city skyline lit up over the bay. It was a true filmmaker’s day with twists and turns, hustle, and creative collaboration.  I loved it!  This was my first experience with documentary film making, and I have to say it felt wonderful. Such a new feeling to be grounded in the real world without all the pretending of the “acting” world. There is room in my heart for both and I’m so happy to have broadened my horizons. That night I hit the pillow hard and that's the best kind of tired there is--the tired from a day well spent working hard at what you love :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stand-Up Comedy Class

Last night I attended the orientation for a Stand-Up Comedy Class.  Surrounded by my fellow funny loving comrades, we learned some basics: keep it clean, be aware of the layout of the microphone and stage, and go into this for the love of comedy not for the money.  I don't think this particular class is going to end up working for me with the timing and what not, but I do appreciate the concept and think studying Stand-Up is a worthy cause for an actor or anybody who loves comedy.  For now you'll have to put up with my barely funny self but someday I may take a class and become hilarious! On another note, I think there needs to be more feminine energy in the comedy club world.  I'm picturing floral arrangements, soft candlelight, and colorful comfy chairs.  Throw in some cocktails and we're ready for a flirty fun time!